Monday, August 30, 2010

Naps at work?

Lots of companies including Google (shocking) have recently begun implementing naps into their workday routines. Yeah, "naps". Don't think George from "Seinfeld" hiding under his desk with a pillow and alarm clock. These are high tech sleeping pods, specially set up by your employer. 20 minutes in the tank and you'll be refreshed and ready to attack your chores once again, presumably to save your boss money since now you'll be working instead of slouching and wishing you could take a nap. Sure, certain jobs would be difficult. I'm fairly certain my boss wouldn't let me walk out of the studio for 20 minutes. That's why we just nap in the studio. Restaurant and hospital workers, forget about it...probably doesn't apply to rescue workers or law enforcement either. But in the office environment, this could take off. Think about it. No more putting your head down. Just grab your blankey and head off to a snooze pod. Some companies are outsourcing the nap. You can take a break, but it would cost you $15 for a 20 minute snooze in the nap tank. So if allowed, would you pay $15 for not only a 20 minute break at work, but a sanctioned, uninterrupted, full out sleep? What do you think?


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