Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST...but not forgotten

(Check out PST On Demand to hear Newman, Dave and I discuss our thoughts about the series finale at length).

Face it. We're never going to see...or rather "experience" another show like LOST ever again. It's impossible, because it wouldn't be the first of it's kind. That was part of the reason we loved it so much. Plenty of attempts will be made, to duplicate what happened...(hello, a series named FLASH FORWARD). We'll get vague stories encouraging us to captivate us...generate "water cooler" buzz, and fuel internet theorists.
But it won't work. Not like this did.

LOST was not a perfect show...but it was perfectly cast. Can you imagine anyone other than Josh Holloway wisecracking as Sawyer? Could someone else's eyes pierce like Michael Emerson's Ben Linus? The character of Jack wasn't supposed to last very long, until Matthew Fox stepped into it. Hugo, Jin, Sun, Locke...every single character was convincingly fleshed out. From the very first frame of the 2004 pilot....week to week...season to season, we became glued to our televisions, and were treated to a very un-television like experience. Top notch dialogue...gorgeous cinematography...a Hollywood worthy score...LOST, especially those first two seasons was - simply put - as good as television can be. No it wasn't 6 years of consistency, and it certainly didn't zoom out to show us all of the answers we needed...nor did it finish like some of us may have wanted. However what LOST did do, was deliver an amazing vision with scope never before imagined outside a movie theater. The bar has truly been raised.

When LOST premiered, I lived alone on my own...not unhappy but alone. I first started seriously dating my now wife Amy just before the start of Season 3, and I pretty much made her watch Seasons 1 and 2 that summer to catch up. I'm glad I did...because it was a real tough show to watch alone. You needed someone to bounce ideas off of. It was fun, but it was also work. Extraordinarily enjoyable work.

I feel sorry for those who never got on board, but I'm tremendously happy I did. That she did. Here's to LOST...a fitting time to get off an amazing ride.

See you in another life, brotha...:)

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